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Welcome to Northern Parging in Cold Lake

Specialized exterior Coatings for your home or Business

Fresh parging on a new build down below grade


Northern Parging offers start-to-finish solutions for every project,  from initial construction to repair.  We specialize in interior and  exterior home projects; including rock fireplaces and detail, home  additions, garages and more.

We guarantee high-quality construction for each and every project.

Don't  wait until water destroys your home from the outside.  We recommend  parging and water sealing after the ground has settled for 1 year after backfilling and prior to landscaping.

Cracks large enough to slip a coin into should be dealt with immediately.

Leaving your home without parging is not only dangerous to the foundation, it detracts from the beauty!

We Pay Close Attention to Detail

 We pride ourselves on our customer service and overall project quality. By using only top quality materials and qualified  installers we have built a relationship with our customers based on trust and honesty and integrity.  

Be Confident In Your Purchase

After consultation with the public the lack of a reputable, reliable and honest masonry contractor in our hometown area was evident. Thus in 2009 Northern Parging was founded on those three key qualities. After many successful years in British Columbia we moved to the Lakeland and we love it!  We have forged strong relationships with our customers as well as local business and suppliers. By hiring local we keep money in our community!

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Prices - we have nothing to hide

All prices subject to individual project requirments. All in pricing can vary.